Books on E-CENT and personal effectiveness

Books about, or informed by, Emotive-Cognitive Embodied-Narrative Therapy (E-CENT). 

E-CENT logo 1 red lineThe Institute for E-CENT is committed to producing a range of books on 
Emotive-Cognitive Embodied-Narrative Therapy. 

Updated on 10th June 2019



This is our introductory page of information about our personal and professional development books – which are related to: counselling, coaching, self-help, personal and professional development; and psychotherapy.  Topics include: anger; anxiety; depression; couple problems; diet and nutrition; lifestyle counselling and coaching; sleep problems; stress management; holistic counselling; trauma; critiques of REBT; and two items of fiction.

We have delegated the task of promoting and distributing our books to ABC Bookstore Online.*** at today’s date (10th June 2019) we have published 15 books which are still in print, and a handful which are being rewritten before being reissued.


For further information, please go to ABC Bookstore Online.***