Dr Jim’s autobiographical story


Fictionalized autobiography of an Irish Catholic boy: The autobiography of a traumatized child.

Title: Metal Dog – Long Road Home

By Jim Byrne (writing through his alter ego, Daniel O’Beeve)


Metal_Dog__Long_Roa_Cover_for_KindleThis book contains a fictionalized account of the first forty years of the life of a traumatized child. In a sense, it is a personal story set in the context of the sociology and social psychology of Catholic Ireland up to 1964, and secular Britain from 1964 to 1986. To recover from complex childhood developmental trauma, Jim Byrne had to do a lot of self-therapy; including writing this fictionalized autobiography of his troubled life. He hopes that the insights he gained (and the healing that he achieved in his own life) – and the model that he used to structure his life story – will help you to digest some of your own childhood traumas.

Complex-PTSD requires a particular approach to therapy. Therapy takes many forms. One of the most effective forms is ‘writing therapy’; or using narrative therapy in the form of journal writing.  This personal growth book shows what can be produced using this approach to self-therapy. And it is also a profoundly insightful book about childhood developmental trauma – how easily it occurs in the presence of damaged parents, and how tricky it is to recover from. This story should be of interest to counselling psychologists, social workers, and anybody who cares about the damage inflicted on children by abuse and neglect. As well as self-help enthusiasts!

For more information, please click this link: Fictionalized autobiography of a traumatized boy – Metal Dog, Long Road back to near normality.***.