Using autobiographical stories to heal childhood trauma

Blog Post 3 – 17th November 2022


Childhood trauma causes developmental deficits, which can be made up.

Autobiography explores how this was done…

By Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, and survivor of childhood developmental trauma.


The most important relationship in every human life is that between the mother and child…

Kindle coverThis book is about one man’s journey away from his homeland and his emotionally barren family and priest-dominated culture, to a place where he might find love, acceptance and personal liberation.

The author describes the traumatic events of his childhood, and the bleakness of life in Ireland at a time when dogmatic, all-powerful priests dominated the culture; and in a context where he and his family were country immigrants into an excluding city culture.

Much of his early childhood was repressed out of his conscious awareness, but his life did not work, in school, or as a teenager, because of the unconscious forces that made it difficult for him to relate to others, especially to girls.

In order to try to reconstruct his childhood, he uses a number of ingenious strategies, chief among them being:

– The creation of an alter ego (Daniel) who he follows through a kind of fictional life (based on scanty scraps of memories and family stories), to see how he responds to typical life events;

……For more, please go to this information page…

– The creation of certain archetypes, such as the little white goat; the little blue bear; a team of alien psychologists from another galaxy, who observe Daniel’s life, and discuss the psychological significance of certain developments.

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– The development of a self-analysis, using various psycho-therapeutic ideas, insights and principles;

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– And an account of the various therapy processes that he used, over many years to heal his heart and mind.

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Kindle coverThese strategies enabled him to re-experience and fully complete the previously non-conscious emotional wounds that had been hampering his personal development and his emotional and creative self-expression.

He shares all of this information with the reader so that they too can complete any unfinished business from childhood which may be hampering their social or emotional performance in the world.

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That’s all for now.

Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling, and Executive Director of the Institute.


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