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The Institute for Emotive-Cognitive Embodied-Narrative Therapy (E-CENT)

was established in March 2007, by Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne.  (Contact: dr.byrne@ecent-institute.org).

Jim.Nata.Couples.pg.jpg.w300h245The core mission of the institute is to create the most comprehensive, complete model of holistic counselling and psychotherapy, which takes account of the fact that humans are body-brain-mind-environment wholes, which are shaped as much by the greater economic context, and the food they eat, as they are by their philosophies of life, or their early childhood experiences.

In addition to reviewing the importance of diet, exercise, sleep, life-balance, self-talk, relaxation, meditation, relationship security, stress management strategies, and so on; we have also set out to review the most prominent and most promising models of the human body-brain-mind, created by the major philosophers and psychologists, from the time of the Buddha and Plato to modern times.

For more, please go to the Homepage.***


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