Diploma in Holistic Counselling

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Lifestyle Coaching

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Updated on 30th September 2020

The Institute for E-CENT offers a two year professional diploma course in holistic counselling and lifestyle coaching, for qualified counsellors, psychologists, therapists, social workers, life and lifestyle coaches, and others, who want to be able to deal with the whole body-brain-mind-environment of their clients.

The curriculum will include modules on nutrition and emotion; physical exercise and emotion; gut health and emotion; the effect of sleep on emotional intelligence; our holistic model of human emotion; the emergence of the social individual; re-framing difficult experiences; processing and completing traumatic experiences; the e-cent desensitisation process; using the holistic S-O-R model to assess client problems; and several others.

The diploma will normally take 24 months (part time) to complete, with the option to extend for a third year if needed.

Assessment will be via a mixture of written assignments, supervisory tutorials using Skype-webcam, and a final dissertation.

Successful completion of the course will result in both the award of the Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Lifestyle Coaching, and admittance to Accredited Membership of the Institute for Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy.

If you would like to be considered for admission to this distance-learning course, and/or to receive information about terms and conditions, then please email dr.byrne@ecent-institute.org for an information pack.

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Doctor of Counselling

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