Processing emotional trauma and pain

Facing and Defeating your Emotional Dragons:

How to process and eliminate undigested pain from your past

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front cover, dragonsThis book is designed to help the reader to resolve their emotional disturbances which are driven by old, painful, undigested experiences from their past.

The author describes two potent processes which were developed as part of the core of Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT).  They are both supported by good approaches to diet and exercise!

The first is a way to reinterpret our past experiences which were too horrible to confront when they happened, way back in our childhood or early life.  These experiences are what we call our ‘emotional dragons’, or ‘undigested traumatic experiences’.

The second is a way to digest and dissolve those ‘dragons’ so that they can disappear from your life, and no long cause you any problems in the present moment.

These two processes are illustrated via some interesting case study material from E-CENT counselling. And there are appendices on how to rate your emotional problems accurately, plus helpful guidelines for the use of diet and exercise to manage your emotional problems.  Also, there are some useful insights into personality adaptations we tend to make to our family of origin.

The reader will come away with an arsenal of techniques and ideas to help them heal their undigested emotional traumas from the past.

E-CENT counsellors teach their clients how to go back and dig up the undigested dragon experiences from their past, and to ‘complete’ them: which involves feeling the feelings and having the thoughts that we ran away from in our earlier lives, and thus exorcising those troublesome ‘ghosts’ and ‘ghouls’ in the basement of our minds.  Once we have chewed through those experiences, our health and happiness tend to improve, and the world looks and feels like a much better place to live.

If you want to clean up your own past traumas or unpleasant or painful experiences, or to help somebody else to do so, then this is the book for you.

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