writing therapeutic stories

NTS eBook No.2  

Healing the Heart and Mind:

Two examples of writing therapy stories, plus reflective analysis 

by Jim Byrne

Because of the intensity of my distress, I eventually had to seek help to make sense of my barren life.  This began the journey of therapy, including much writing therapy, which I describe in this book.  Here is an extract from the end of the book:

“Underneath the cumulative, interpretative experiences of this organism (or ‘person’), sitting here writing, there is the original, pure ‘capacity to be aware’ that existed before the first experience came in through my eyes, ears or skin.  And that capacity to be aware is universal, and can be experience every day through meditation. And that capacity to be aware is capable of reinterpreting everything that was once interpreted, and reformulating every one of its early conclusions (that can be made conscious), or overwriting them with a new orienting set of interpretations (when they cannot be made conscious).

“And now – after completing my therapy (much of it in writing) – my basic orientation in the world is turned on its head.  My orientation towards my fellow humans is turned upside down.  Now it is this:

‘The former practice of physically maiming, exploiting and abusing children seems to have been gradually replaced in modern times by a form of mental cruelty that is masked by the honorific term child-rearing.  Since (child) training begins in many cultures in infancy during the initial symbiotic relationship between mother and child, this early conditioning makes it virtually impossible for the child to discover what is actually happening to him(self or herself).  The child’s dependence on his or her parents’ love also makes it impossible in later years to recognize these traumatizations, which often remain hidden behind the early idealization of the parents for the rest of the child’s life’.  (Page 4).

And, as Robin Skynner says: ‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood’. And that’s what I got, along with lots of other benefits, from my long journey through writing therapy.


You’ve got to do your therapy – face to face or in writing – in order to reclaim your original potential as a wonderful, joyful, creative human being!


“Was this 61 year journey worth the effort?


This book has been withdrawn for rewriting and updating.  For more information about this book, please click: Healing the Heart and Mind.***


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